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Self-Cleaning Fully Automatic Filters (STF)

Self-Cleaning Fully Automatic Filters (STF)

  • Self-Cleaning Fully Automatic Filters (STF)

    Absun Palayesh Company is a provider of STF automatic self-cleaning filters, manufactured by STF Spain, in Iran. These filters are designed to remove suspended solids with a particle size of up to 10 microns and reduce water turbidity.


The raw water is pumped into these filters at a pressure of approximately 3 to 4 bar using a pump. After passing through a strainer to remove large debris, the water flows from the outside to the inside of the screens within the filters. This allows the filtration process to take place and effectively remove suspended particles from the water.

In an automatic mode, if there is an increase in the pressure drop between the inlet and outlet flow, exceeding the pre-set threshold determined by the control system, the system initiates the self-cleaning process without interrupting the filtration process. This self-cleaning operation is performed simultaneously with the filtration process.

.The automatic self-cleaning mechanism ensures that the filters maintain optimal performance without the need for manual intervention. The amount of water required for the cleaning process is significantly lower compared to the backwashing of sand filters, making it an excellent alternative, especially for high flow rates

These automatic self-cleaning filters provide a more efficient and low-maintenance solution for filtration compared to traditional sand filters, especially in applications with high flow rates. They offer continuous filtration while minimizing water consumption and the time required for cleaning operations.


STF automatic self-cleaning filters, manufactured by STF Spain, are known for their long lifespan and European design and construction. They comply with the ASME standard. These filters offer significant reduction in energy consumption and considerable savings in water usage for filter backwashing.

.They can filter water with high levels of contamination (multiple stages of filtration in a single unit) and potable water

.They are fully automatic and do not require operator services

.There is no need for chemical injection or additional peripheral equipment for the reverse cleaning process

.These filters occupy minimal space and do not require any civil works for installation

.They can remove 100% of particles up to a diameter of 10 microns

.They ensure a continuous flow in the pipeline, even during the cleaning process

.The pressure drop in the pipeline is extremely minimal

Comparing self-cleaning filters with pressure sand filters

Method Self-Cleaning Filters Pressure Sand Filters
Cleaning method Automatic cleaning within the line. Manual cleaning outside the line
Filtration during Backwash Filtration continues during the backwashing process. Filtration stops during backwashing
Cleaning Time Very short cleaning time, 1-2 minutes. Longer cleaning time, 10-15 minutes
Wastewater Production Very low wastewater production, around 15% of total inlet flow High wastewater production, 20-30% of total inlet flow
Filtration Quality Consistent filtration quality between backwash cycles Filtration quality varies during operation
Space Occupation Occupies very little space Occupies a large space
Maintenance Low maintenance with short intervals High maintenance with long intervals
Operating Cost Very low operating cost Very high operating cost
Payback Period Less than four years











  • Pre-treatment systems for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration.
  • Water purification required for cooling towers, steel production lines, chemical and petrochemical industries, food industries, and power plants.
  • Wastewater treatment and water required for agricultural industries and automatic and self-cleaning irrigation.
  • Maximum filtration
  • surface area and minimum space requirement.
  • Continuous operation without interruption, even during cleaning, with minimum cleaning time.
  • Suitable for a wide range of water flow rates up to 2000 m3/h per module, and unlimited capacity with a multi-module structure.
  • Available in two types of hydraulic and electric drives for cleaning.
  • Manufactured according to ASME standards.
  • Vertical or horizontal vessel type.
  • Ability to remove particles from 10 to 2000 microns.
  • The body material of these filters can be stainless steel 304/316 or carbon steel with a suitable coating, based on customer request, depending on the level of water salinity and corrosiveness. The material of the internal screens is stainless steel.