Absun Palayesh R&D successfully optimized the most environmental friendly desalination method HERO_OPT™ (i.e. High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis-Optimized). This fouling free membrane technology can deals even with High silica underground water and recover up to 98% of fresh water form saline sources. By adding brine recovery ZLD technology, process will be able, to recover 100% feed water cost effectively. Lowest chemical consumption and highest energy efficiency is just some the process features. Following PFD shows a brief view of process.

S  Process Name: HERO_OPT™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis-Optimized)
S  Main Units: STF + MF + IX + SWRO + Remineralization (optional) + ZLD (optional)
S  Application: Drinking water, process water, Industrial Water
S  Feed Option: High Silica Under Ground Water (UGW)