Water circulation and cooling system is the most critical unit of many industries, due to the importance of this huge water consumer, Absun Palayesh has developed a high efficiency Process for cooling circuit with features of a complete industrial wastewater treatment plant. This technology enables customers to reuse more than 96% of their industrial wastewater and minimize their water consumption up to 90%. In addition, using technics such as employing closed circuit cooling system and high-tech equipment like self-cleaning filters has improved the performance of the process.  Following PFD shows a brief view of the process:

S  Process Name: IWWR-CCR™ (Industrial Waste Water Reuse Process – Cooling Circuit App.)
S  Main Units: C&F + DAF + DMF + MF + SWRO + Remineralization (optional)
S  Application: Drinking water, process water, Industrial Water
S  Feed Option: Industrial wastewater of Steel Industry