Designing a cost-effective seawater desalination process has always been a challenging issue for water and wastewater engineers. SWD_OPT™ is a groundbreaking process specially designed by Absun Palayesh R&D team in order to represent a high efficiency desalination method with low OPEX and environmental footprint. Taking advantage of optimized seawater intake + UF ceramic makes SWD_OPT™ enables process against any red tide attacks. Employing innovative remineralization unit will provide the entire nutrient for a healthier society.

S  Process Name: SWD_OPT™ (Optimized Sea Water Desalination Process)
S  Main Units: Optimized Intake + UF Ceramic + SWRO + Remineralization (optional)
S  Application: Drinking water, process water, Industrial Water
S  Feed Option: Seawater