Treatment of Kerman city WWTP effluent  to meet the requirement of API standard and desalination the treated water by means of reuse in industrial application and cover some sanitary consumption of a huge pelletizing complex located close to Iran’s central desert.

Owner / Client / Consultant:

Iranian Boutia Pelletizing Complex / MEMSECO (Middle East Meyare Sanat Engineering Company) / BARSOO International Engineering Company

Location / Completion Year / Duration: Kerman Province – Iran / 2017 / 3 month

Contract Type: EPC

Represented Solution in This Project:

Main Solution:

  • Sanitary Waste Water Reuse (By tacking advantage from state of the art design of multi-disciplinary MWWR™ (Municipal Wastewater Reuse) Process)

Supplementary Solutions:

  • El and Inc. (all Electrical Panel, Represented by Absun Madar Co.)

Complementary Services:

  • Procurement (Directly from 8 different countries & 13 International Companies)
  • Laboratory Testing Services (Over 25 time sampling for more than 30 Parameters)

Process and Technology:

  • EAAS – Extended Aeration Activated Sludge
  • DMF – Dual Media Filtration (Absorption + Filtration)
  • UF – Ultra Filtration as RO Pretreatment
  • BWRO – Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis
  • SWRO – Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

Fluid Characteristics:

  Influent Effluent
Raw Water Pretreated Water RO Permeate
BOD 150 mg/L O2 30 mg/L O2 N.A
COD 250 mg/L O2 60 mg/L O2 N.A
TSS 150 mg/L 40 mg/L N.A
TDS 2000 mg/L 2000 mg/L < 50 mg/L