Desalination of hyper-saline underground water: one of the most challenging water resources in Iran’s biggest Iron mine. Such a great job that eliminates Chadormalu from the surface water sources belongs to nearby cities while just close to the central desert.

Owner / Client: Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Complex / Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co.

Location / Completion Year / Duration: Chadormalu – Yazd Province – Iran / 2012 / 6 month

Contract Type: EPC

Represented Solution in This Project:

Main Solution:

  • Desalination Plant (Delivering advanced SWRO Technology – Employing High-Tech Pretreatment Unit)
  • Industrial Waste Water Reuse (Desalination Brine Recovery)

Supplementary Solutions:

  • Building and Infrastructure /Building and Shed
  • Hydraulic Structure /Concrete Reservoir and Basins
  • Pipe Line / 65 km Length, DN 500, GRVE & PE / the Treated Water Transportation Transportation
  • Pump Station /3 Huge Pump Station for Pumping 20,000 m³/day Pure Water to 130m Upper Level
  • El and Inc. / all Electrical Panel (LV,MV,MCC), Represented by ABSUN MADAR CO.

Complementary Services:

  • O&M Operation and Maintenance / more than 4 years O&M Services
  • Procurement /Directly from 8 different countries including 15 International Companies
  • Laboratory Testing Services / Over 15 times sampling for more than 25 Parameters

Process and Technology:

  • SCF – Self Cleaning Filter
  • SWRO – Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

Fluid Characteristic:

  Influent Effluent
Raw Water Desalinated Water
Capacity 40,000 m³/day 20,000 m³/day
TDS 18,200 and 43,500 mg/L <500 mg/L


Strategic view:

  Current Situation Future Plan
Desalination Plant Effluent Desalination Plant Effluent
Capacity 20,000 m³/day 25,000 m³/day
Recovery 50% 70%