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KAVIR Steel Complex Sanitary Wastewater Complementary Treatment Plant

KAVIR Steel Complex Sanitary Wastewater Complementary Treatment Plant





KAVIR Steel Complex, the largest rebar producer, is located in the southwest of central KAVIR, in ARAN AND BIDGOL country, Isfahan Province, Iran. This complex has an annual production of 450 product baskets, meeting the direct needs of industries dependent on steel coils, paving the way for increased production in downstream steel industries, as well as covering the needs of rebar in the country.

The complementary treated wastewater treatment plant of KAVIR Steel Complex was constructed by ABSUN PALAYESH Engineering Company in 2021, using state-of-the-art European technology and design, with a special focus on “sustainable water supply”, “environmental conservation”, and “reducing groundwater extraction”. With operating this project, treated wastewater from Kashan wastewater treatment plant is recycled and reused instead of being discharged and creating environmental pollution while meeting the needs of the industrial water complex and future development plans.

In this project, a portion of the treated wastewater from the Kashan wastewater treatment plant is purchased and transported via a 17 - kilometer pipeline to KAVIR Steel Complex at a capacity of 90 l/s (equivalent to 7776 m3/d).

After conducting pretreatment processes, the raw treated wastewater is then treated through advanced biological processes, including anoxic treatment and Membrane Bioreactor treatment (MBR). The final treatment process involves carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV disinfection.

The unique features of this project include its residence to hydraulic shocks and wastewater influent quality, sustainable industrial water supply with quality better than drinking water, and flexible operation with the complete industrial operation.

The engineering operation of purchasing and providing foreign and domestic equipment, installation and commissioning of pretreatment systems, complementary treatment systems, chemical injection packages, construction of buildings and sheds, evaporation lagoons, and concrete storage tanks for this project were carried out by capable specialists and engineers of ABSUN PALAYESH Engineering Company based on the latest global experiences and technologies.



 Raw Wastewater Storage Concrete Tank (8,000 m3)-

 Main Biologic Treatment Plant (3*2,600 m3/d)-

 Pre-treatment & RO Desalination Plant (3*2,600 m3/d)-

 Product Water Concrete Storage Tank (5,000 m3)-

 Brine Water Evaporation Pond (8,000 m3)-



 Concrete Tanks, Lagoons and Hydraulic Structures-

 .Office Buildings, Industrial Sheds and Landscaping-

 Pump Stations-

 Chemical Dosing Packages-



Screening (Coarse & Fine) > Grit Removal > Oil Removal > A2O Biologic Process > Membrane Bio-Reactor System (MBR) Activated Carbon Filtration > Micro-Filtration (Cartridge Filters) > Reverse Osmosis (BWRO).