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Water chlorination package

Water chlorination package

  • Water chlorination package

    Chlorine injection packages are used for injecting chlorine solutions (such as calcium hypochlorite powder, chlorine gas, or sodium hypochlorite solution) into water and wastewater treatment processes. These packages are capable of injecting chlorine into the water system either in-line or through an outline configuration. Chlorine injection pumps are used in chlorine injection packages to inject chlorine solutions (such as calcium hypochlorite powder, chlorine gas, or sodium hypochlorite solution) into water and wastewater treatment processes. There are two types of injection pumps: automatic and manual.

Automatic injection pumps have an output and/or input range of 20-4 milliamps. These pumps are equipped with chlorine measurement sensors and analyzers. By setting the injection dosage, they adjust the chlorine level in the water within the defined range. Automatic injection pumps can be standalone units or part of a larger water treatment system such as reverse osmosis (RO). They can be controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) to adjust the injection rate as needed to achieve the desired chlorine level in the water.

Manual injection pumps do not have automatic control capability. The injection dosage is manually adjusted by turning a volume control valve on the pump.

Chlorine solution injection is used in various applications, including disinfection and removal of microorganisms, bacteria, and algae in drinking water and industrial wastewater. It is also used to inject chlorine into the raw water feed of reverse osmosis (RO) systems to prevent biofouling of membranes and preserve the treated water in storage tanks. Other applications include steam boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, condensers, and production lines in chemical and food factories.

:A chlorine injection package typically includes the following components

  • Dosing pump (injection pump) from reputable European brands, available in automatic (with automatic control of injection dosage) or manual types.
  • Electric motor and mixer from reputable European brands, along with an aluminum coupling to prevent shaft or gearbox corrosion.
  • Optional online chlorine measurement sensor if desired by the customer.
  • Polyethylene chemical storage tank.
  • Suction valve from inside the tank and injection valve on the line.
  • PVC and PE suction and injection hoses.
  • Suitable plate for installing mixer injection pumps (flanged electric motor), discharge fitting for the tank, suction valve, and pipework for fluid positioning.
  • Equipped with a level sensor to prevent damage to the electric motor.
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel chassis coated with epoxy paint.

These components collectively form a chlorine injection package used for efficient and controlled chlorine injection in water and wastewater treatment processes.