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BARDSIR Rolling Mill Complex Project

BARDSIR Rolling Mill Complex Project



The BARDSIR Rolling Mill Complex is one of the largest and advanced rolling mill factories in the southeast of IRAN, to build Simple and ribbed rebar with capacity of 500,000 tons per year by the hot rolling method. ABSUN PALAYESH Engineering Company has designed and constructed the comprehensive industrial utility project for the BARDSIR Complex as an EPC project with the aim of industrial water production, water cooling and wastewater reuse. The approach of project were “water resources management”, “reduction of water loss” and “protecting the environment of BARDESIR desert region”

The industrial water treatment plant (WTP) and water circulation plant (WCP) with a total capacity of 57,840 m3/d includes the set of direct and indirect cooling towers; with the capacity of 47,040 and 10,800 m3/d, respectively

Replacement of conventional filtration systems (e.g. Sand Filters and activated Carbon Filters) with automatic self-cleaning filters (for the first time in IRAN) is the innovative features of this project. This feature not only increases the efficiency of the treatment process and extends the lifespan of the system, but also significantly reduces the investment and operating costs.

The water treatment system, direct and indirect cooling towers, chemical injection dosing packages, pumping stations, self-cleaning filters, buildings and pipelines, storage tanks, sedimentation and thickening units, medium and low voltage electrical systems, industrial automation & control systems, and instrumentation & analyzers are the main sections of the WCP plant.

The main sections of the WTP project (make-up water treatment plant for cooling towers) with a capacity of 2640 m3/d include pretreatment system, reverse osmosis (RO) system, drinking water supply system, chemical dosing packages, buildings and pipelines, storage tanks and pumping stations.


- Scale Pit, Settling Basin and Flocculation Units (400 m³+2785 m³)

- Treatment for Open Circuit Cooling System: (75,360 m³/d)

- Open Circuit Cooling Tower System (54,720 m³/d)

- Close Circuit Cooling Tower System (11,000 m³/d)

- Cooling Tower’s Basin (Open/Close) (800+270 m³)

- Make-up Water BWRO Desalination Plant (3,186 m3/d)

- Blowdown Water Concrete Storage tank (800 m³)

- Product Make-up Water Concrete Storage tank (800 m³)


- MV/LV Transformers & MCCs

- Automation, Monitoring, Control Systems & Instrumentation

- Hydraulic Structures, Buildings & Sheds, Landscaping.


- Open Circuit: Settling & Scale Removal > Oil Removal > Self-cleaning Filtration > Cooling Tower

- Close Circuit: Self-cleaning Filtration > Cooling Tower

- Make-up Water: Micro-filtration (Cartridge Filters) > Reverse Osmosis (BWRO).

- Sludge Processing: Flocculation > Thickening > Dewatering