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BIOROCK offers a complete range of compact and non-electric residential waste water treatment plants, denominated into 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15 & 30 person systems. If installed in parallel the treatment units can also cater for 60, 90, 120 people and so on. BIOROCK power-free Waste Water Treatment Plants offers an ideal solution for residential, domestic wastewater treatment.



Step 1: Primary Tank

The Primary Tank clarifies the raw sewage by dividing fats, oils, greases and organic solids. The sewage then passes through an effluent filter, before discharging into the BIOROCK reactor.


The Bioreactor purifies further the pretreated wastewater with a biological process. To naturally treat the wastewater, our systems use our unique BIOROCK Media, an exclusive and very efficient carrier material for bacteria.

Step 3: Discharge

Depending on the ground type, effluent will be discharged by gravity, or by a pump.

BIOROCK provides a revolutionary, efficient and reliable compact wastewater treatment solution. Very compact, our systems are free from any blower or air diffusors. They don’t need any electricity for the treatment process, leading to minimal maintenance and repair costs, the lowest operational costs and the longest de-sludge intervals.  These unique advantages lead to significant costs savings for the user compared to conventional wastewater treatment plants, as the reliability of the system is maximized with no possible breakdowns thus no need for expensive spare parts.

Not all Wastewater Treatment Plants are created equal. The on-going operational cost is one of the most important considerations when buying a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Electric On-Site Treatment Plants require expensive operational costs into the future. By combining competitive acquisition costs with the most cost effective annual energy use, BIOROCK is an investment in your future.

At BIOROCK, we have developed a special media material for our residential wastewater treatment technology. Our media is very highly resistant to degradation and remains extremely stable over the long term. It requires little maintenance and ensures unique purification results. This media is exclusively developed for BIOROCK and dedicated to foul wastewater treatment.

The purification performances of the BIOROCK media and the small footprint of our most compact solutions have been recognized several times in the specialized press of the wastewater industry. An Independent Organization has just ranked BIOROCK Media as the most efficient Media of its category for Domestic Wastewater Treatment.