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Understanding the importance of water crisis in IRAN and in order to “provide safe water for the use of people and various industries”, “increasing the productivity of factories”, “reducing environmental risks” and “helping to maintain the health and safety of the society”, ABSUN PALAYESH ENGINEERING COMPANY developed its activities in the field of water and wastewater treatment. All water, wastewater and utility projects managed by combining technical knowledge and years of practical experience of specialists, with the latest methods in the world in the forms of EPC, EPCF, BOO & BOT.

Establishing continuous communication with its global partners and scientific centers of the world, ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY is proud to be the most pioneer company with the numerous successful projects and references in IRAN.

Using an experienced team (with expertise in electrical engineering, water and wastewater engineering, civil engineering, environmental health, industries engineering and mechanics engineering), the company is able to provide expert advices, engineering & design, construction and assembly, installation and commissioning, operation, management and maintenance of all and industrial utility plants. The commercial department of the company, having a team specializing in business management and mastering the equipment supply chain, imports and supplies all specialized parts and industrial equipment for clients.

ABSUN PALAYESH ENGINEERING COMPANY has been able to carry out utility projects e.g. seawater and brackish water desalination, drinking and industrial water treatment, sanitary and industrial wastewater reuse and all industrial utility units e.g. buildings, sheds, hydraulic structures, water pipelines, pumping stations, wet and hybrid cooling towers, air cooler systems, large scale thickeners, ZLD systems electrical substations and industrial automation.


Organization Chart

Technical and Executive Management

Technical and Executive Management


Technical and executive management of ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY is responsible for management and coordination of engineering department, project managers department, project planning and control department, QC department, HSE department and manufacturing factory. Technical and executive manager is responsible for progress of the company’s engineering projects in accordance with the schedule with expected quality in compliance with technical regulations and standards and in accordance with the professional principles of work with the satisfaction of the clients.

Tender and Marketing Development Management

Tender and Marketing Development Management

Tender and Marketing Development Management of ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY has the mission to assess and observe the needs of clients and current & future industrial projects in the market of water, wastewater and industrial utilities.

Effective participation in domestic & international tenders and responding to technical and financial inquiries is one of the other important activities of this department.

Managing the communication with clients, following up on research & development projects, policy making and development of relation with international vendors and technology companies, attending conferences and exhibitions and holding training courses are other responsibilities of the Tender and Marketing Development Management.

Engineering Management

Engineering Management

Engineering Department of ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY consists of different sections including “Process Engineering”, “Mechanical Engineering”, “Piping”, “Electrical, Control and Instrumentation”, “Civil Engineering” and “Quality Control”.

Conceptual engineering, basic and detailed design of projects are implemented with the capable hands and creative thinking of the specialized and experienced personnel of this company using latest international design & simulation software and design references.

Modern documentation system and document control in DCC section (from the beginning of the company's activity until now), has resulted in improving the response to the needs of clients, reducing errors and increasing the accuracy of information

Business Management

Business Management

By aiming on submitting Engineering services and procurement according to country industrial needs of professional equipment with updated world standards, KTP Co. (KAMYAR TAJHIZ POOYA) while playing the role of “business management” of ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY, has ability to deliver its engineering services and supplying material which required for industries including Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Steel, Power and Energy by focusing on its experts as well as cooperation with international companies as representation from valid European brands, additionally, by its active agency in countries such as France, Czech Republic, China.

The main goal is to meet client’s requirements in different industries by supplying qualified equipment with best price and shortest delivery time. Also, in order to achieve better position for earning more and effective shares in industries according to world update standards, it will continue quality upgrade process.

Administrative and Human Resources Management

Administrative and Human Resources Management

The key mission of Administrative & Human Resources Department is to provide effective human resource management by developing and implementing policies, programs and services that contribute to the attainment of corporate and employee goals by Properly balancing the needs of the employees and the needs of the company.

Organizing the salaries and benefits, following up on the logistics of projects and headquarter, as well as planning for organizational improvement are other important activities of this department.

Financial and Accounting Management

Financial and Accounting Management

The general duties of Financial & Accounting Manager are budgeting, providing financial resources, evaluating capital projects, planning and implementing financial policies, recording, maintaining and processing all financial information of projects in accordance with the related principles, rules and regulations.


Company Facilities

The main office (headquarter) of ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY is located in TEHRAN, IRAN; a building including sufficient standard space, provides the possibility to develop technical and engineering teams for new projects in the shortest possible time.

ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY’s central laboratory provides major water and wastewater analysis tests and membrane autopsy based on international standard methods. Providing laboratory services for R&D projects and maintenance projects are also the missions of central laboratory.

The manufacturing factory of ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY (with an area of 6000 m2) is one of the most equipped manufacturing and assembly factories of its kind in IRAN. The factory has a high operational capacity by having various light and heavy equipment such as automated rolling and welding machines, industrial cranes, various metalworking equipment and all needed protective equipment.

The mission of the factory is to provide service to company’s current projects; including design, supply of materials, assembly, manufacturing, testing and inspection of equipment e.g. sewage treatment packages, membrane filtration skids, chemical dosing packages, scrubbers & skimmers, etc. based on the latest international standards.

Central warehouse of ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY (with an area of 3000 m2) is responsible for supplying the equipment and parts needed for the projects, as well as supporting the sales department. The effective automation system of the warehouses has reduced the delivery time of the parts and establish an integrated management of the resource assets.

International offices of ABSUN PALAYESH COMPANY are located in Western and Eastern Europe, China and Turkey, facilitating engineering communication with foreign partner companies and also increasing the ability to complete various equipment supply chain projects.



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Major Clients

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شرکت ملی صنایع مس ایران
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سازمان منطقه آزاد تجاری صنعتی ارس
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صنایع چوب و کاغذ ایران - چوکا
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