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NanoFiltration (NF)

NanoFiltration (NF)

  • NanoFiltration (NF)

    Nanofiltration is a process used for filtration with lower operating pressures. As a result, nanofilters have lower overall costs and energy consumption. NF systems are primarily employed for treating drinking water or as a pre-treatment step before reverse osmosis (RO) to remove turbidity, suspended solids, viruses, color, organic matter, and high-capacity salts. NF systems utilize membranes with smaller pore sizes, allowing for the removal of water hardness and multivalent salts. These systems are capable of effectively removing a wide range of contaminants due to their finer pore diameters.




  • Removal of color from drinking water
  • Treatment of water used in cooling towers
  • Industrial and agricultural wastewater treatment
  • Removal of organic pollutants from water
  • Surface and groundwater remediation
  • Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (RO) systems

:Technical specifications

  • Capacity ranging from 1 to 10,000 m3/hr
  • The pre-treatment unit consists of stainless steel/fiberglass/activated carbon sand filters and micron filters made of polypropylene fibers with PVC/stainless steel housing
  • Chemical injection unit for antiscalant, chlorine, etc.
  • The main treatment unit comprises stainless steel centrifugal pumps, nanofiltration filters, and pressure vessels made of FRP
  • Hydraulic and electronic control components including pressure gauges, flow meters, automatic control (PLC), etc.
  • Pipe installation using PVC-U from reputable Western European and American companies
  • Stainless steel/carbon steel chassis coated with epoxy paint.