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Intermittent Decanted Extended Aeration (IDEA)

Intermittent Decanted Extended Aeration (IDEA)

  • Intermittent Decanted Extended Aeration (IDEA)

    ABSUN PALAYESH Company provide various types of IDEA treatment systems. The IDEA Intermittent Decanted Extended Aeration Activated Sludge System is a span’s approved system. In the IDEA single tank treatment process, sewage in nitrified and denitrified in a same reactor. Total-N concentration of 15 mg/l on a 90 percentile basis are typically achieved. In the dual tank IDEA treatment process, Demand Aeration Tank prevents short-circuiting and maximizes nitrification. The aerobic and anoxic periods are optimized by automatic dissolved oxygen control and variable PLC timer controls. The dual tank process also ensure Sludge Volume Index (SCI’s) is lower than 100 mg/l which provides process stability. The combination of the dual tank process and the gas locked siphon decanter results in a reliable process which can consistently produce low levels of Total-N.


SINGLE TANK IDEA PROCESS: The IDEA process or Sequenced Batch Reactor (SBR) process are different names for similar processes. The essential difference is that the SBR process is normally sequence fed, whereas the IDEA process is continuously fed. In its simple form the IDEA process is one of carry out the following function in a single reactor.

HYBRID DUAL TANK IDEA PROCESS: Experience has shown that most single tank IDEA processes, and to a lesser extend SBR processes, suffer from very poor sludge settlement characteristics under design load condition (SVI’s greater than 200). This is primarily due to the fact that for almost 50% of the time (settle and decant period) microorganisms are trying to grow i as oxygen limited environment, which is a well-known condition for promoting filamentous organisms (bulking sludge).

Dual tank IDEA process has addressed the limitations of single tank processes by providing and demand aeration tank prior to the intermittent tank, and incorporating a recycle activated sludge (RAS) steam. However the main advantages and feature of the intermittent decanted process are still retained.