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Conventional Activated Sludge Package (CAS)

Conventional Activated Sludge Package (CAS)

  • Conventional Activated Sludge Package (CAS)

    Activated sludge is a method by which microorganisms in wastewater attach to suspended substances in it to reside, reproduce, and grow and these microorganisms use organic matter in the water as food at the same time. The decomposition of organic matter increases biomass and gradually forms cotton particles called activated sludge. Wastewater treatment by microorganisms adsorb on suspended solids. Water quality depends on the sedimentation ability of activated sludge and the magnitude of the reactor tanks.


A Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS) system commonly include an aeration tank, which is used for biological degradation, and a secondary clarifier (sedimentation tank), where the sludge in separated from the treated wastewater.

The Advanced Activated Sludge Process or three-stage A2O process consists of a Modified LUDZACK-ETTINGER (MLE) process for nitrogen removal, with an anaerobic zone in front for phosphorus removal. The process is called A2O since it consists of anaerobic/anoxic/aerobic (aerobic) tanks in series.

:Advantages of Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS)

  • Low installation cost (Cost effective)
  • Good quality effluent.
  • Small land area requirement.
  • Loss of head is small.
  • Freedom from fly and odor nuisance high degree of treatment.
  • Easily maintained mechanical work.
  • Self-sustaining system.