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Water disinfection package with ozone (Ozone Generator)

Water disinfection package with ozone (Ozone Generator)

  • Water disinfection package with ozone (Ozone Generator)

    Ozone gas (with the chemical formula O3) is considered one of the most powerful oxidizers found in nature. Ozone is a strong and broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that can effectively eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, molds, and more within a short time. This gas destroys microorganism cells, leading to their complete eradication. The process by which ozone eliminates microorganisms is known as cell lysing, where ozone breaks down the cell walls of microorganisms and dissolves the bacterial cytoplasm. Ozone is naturally produced through two methods: ultraviolet radiation at a wavelength of 185nm from sunlight and electrical discharge, which occurs during thunderstorms and results in ozone production from oxygen present in the air. In ozone-generating devices (Ozone Generators), ozone gas is produced by creating high-voltage electrical sparks in an oxygen-filled chamber.


Ozone, unlike other disinfectants, does not have any side effects or undesirable impacts. Furthermore, since it is produced from oxygen and converted back to oxygen during degradation, it does not have any environmental effects. This system is utilized in the disinfection of various water sources in pharmaceuticals, food industries, packaged water, process water, industrial wastewater treatment, and swimming pools.


Water treatment for mineral water factories, drinking water, beverages, soda, and various beverages.

  • Purification and disinfection of swimming pool water.
  • Wastewater and industrial effluent treatment.
  • Water purification for chemical, petrochemical, paper, textile, dyeing industries, etc.
  • Water purification for medical and laboratory facilities.
  • Water treatment for agricultural, livestock, and fish farming purposes.
  • Technical specifications: Carbon steel/stainless steel chassis.
  • Equipped with an online ozone concentration adjustment sensor.
  • Ozone generator cells made of stainless steel 316.
  • Automatic control system with alarms.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Ability to generate ozone using ambient air or oxygen capsules.
  • Single-phase or three-phase power input.
Chlorination Ozone description
Chemical Chemical Disinfection method
1200 seconds 600 seconds Microbial contact time
yes yes Changes in water composition
yes No Presence of chemical residues
yes No Formation of organic compounds and hazardous oxides
yes No Environmental degradation
Yes No Risk of explosion and gas leakage into the environment
Yes No Potential for allergy development
Yes No Accelerated corrosion
Yes No Carcinogenicity
Yes No Need for chemical maintenance