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High-Rate Thickeners (HRT)

High-Rate Thickeners (HRT)

  • High-Rate Thickeners (HRT)

    Thickening is the first step of sludge treatment. It aims to separate the solid and liquid phases of the sludge. Then, dewatering process reduces the water content of the sludge. High-Rate Thickeners provide immediately reusable process water and recover approximately 85% of the water from an effluent feed. This high level of water recovery keeps water consumption at sustainable levels, as well as drastically reduces the slurry volume reporting to waste ponds. High-rate Thickeners are designed to provide roughly 12 times the throughput of conventional machines of similar size. The key features for high-capacity thickeners are the feed well design and the feed slurry dilution method.



  •  Metal Ore Pelletizing Process
  •  Miming refuse thickening
  •  Coal refuse thickening
  •  Gold recovery
  •  CCD circuits
  •  Copper leaching
  •  Molybdenum processing
  •  Other mining and chemical flowsheets.